3.5 out of 5. A decent mini-metroidvania that will satisfy any Metroid-like cravings you might have as long as you’re not too distracted by how much it pays homage to that inspiration.


3 out of 5. The combat doesn’t reach its full potential, and the platforming is clunky to say the least, but if you can get past that there’s a meaningful narrative that might make it worth it.


4 out of 5. Control is weighed down a bit by some AAA tropes, but that doesn’t stop it from being an immersive narrative masterpiece and a gratifying power fantasy.

Trash Quest

4 out of 5. Trash Quest will provide a good hour of platforming goodness, and the Salvation DLC will knock you out of your chair. It’s all over a bit too quickly, but the price is perfect for that.


4 out of 5. Rocketron gives you an overpowered rocket gun that lets you both defy gravity and mow down your foes like they were made of tissue. Fans of the run and gun genre will surely be pleased.

Saving Princess

3 out of 5. Where Saving Princess falls short with its janky physics it makes up for it with being just a great idea. “Mega Man” with gun recoil double jumping has an appeal all on its own.


4 out of 5. Fearmonium provides some standard Metroidvania gameplay making it hard for it to stand out on those elements alone, but the story and theming make it wholly worth your time.

Lost to Time

3.5 out of 5. Initial impressions will likely suggest that Lost to Time is a broken mess, but if you approach it with an open mind and a lot of patience it can be a true work of art.

Simona’s Requiem

3.5 out of 5. One of the most honestly advertised games on Steam, if you go into Simona’s Requiem with the right expectations you’ll surely come out of it with warm feelings that are hard to duplicate

Paradox Vector

2.5 out of 5. The impossible hallways and mind trickery can be brilliant at times, however it’s not really a Metroidvania, and the lackluster gunplay and unfair feeling monster encounters bog it down.