Mask of Mists

3 out of 5 – A relaxing semi Zelda-like experience that will provide a pleasant five hours of basic gameplay to enjoy. It’s fun. It’s not a groundbreaking title but I don’t think it’s trying to be.

Rain World

4.5 out of 5. It is beautiful and terrifying, and you’ll hate it a long time before you may fall in love with it. But if you make it to love, it becomes one of the most unique masterpieces out there.

Weapon Hacker

4 out of 5. Tight controls and strategic gameplay make this roguelite Metroid style game a great way to spend an hour, or maybe a hundred hours. Customize your weapons on the fly and conquer.

Metroid Fusion

4 out of 5. A must play for fans of the Metroid series as it progresses the story in ingenious ways. It also takes the foreboding atmosphere that Metroid has been so good at to the next level.

Alwa’s Legacy

4 out of 5. A magic based puzzle platformer with unique Zelda-like dungeons and a large overworld full of optional secrets. Excellent level design and clever gimmicks makes exploration a delight.

Chasm 1.075

4 out of 5. While more grounded than the wild fantasy that you might be accustomed to from Igavania-style titles, Chasm still provides an interesting challenge with decent options for replayability.

Bone Appetit

4 out of 5. A delightfully open-ended Metroidvania that asks you to forge your own path to its final encounter, with a few twists to encourage resource planning and player expression.

Super Metroid

5 out of 5. A nearly perfect example of what a “Metroidvania” can accomplish. Even compared to the advancements found in later 2D Metroid entries, Super Metroid holds up remarkably well.