Bookbound Brigade, Willy Jetman, Null & Peta, and MindSeize released, with 3 New Steam pages of interest to look at.

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New Releases

Bookbound Brigade
Initial reviews are pretty mixed on this one, but I love the idea behind it. Bookbound Brigade is sort of the Wonderful 101 of Metroidvania games where you control a blob of individuals. Many reports say that the controls are a little wonky, but hopefully they’ll listen to feedback and patch it up.

Willy Jetman
Inspired by Cave Story and Solar Jetman, Willy Jetman is getting more positive reviews. Not having played it yet, we still don’t know if this one fits the Metroidvania more than Cave Story did yet, but it looks like a fantastic retro game nevertheless.

Null & Peta – Invasion of the Queen Bug –
Invasion of the Queen Bug is a tie-in game with the Girl Genius anime series. Two of its major callouts are its comedy and the quest for CGs of the titular characters. I personally like the variety of weapons on display on the Steam store page.

MindSeize has been one of my personal anticipated games since the kickstarter was announced. It seems to have a Mega Man Zero style of gameplay, and of course the promise of four planets to explore and a professionally written narrative are huge points in its favor. This was slated to release yesterday, but there was a slight delay. We still expect to see it this week. Keep an eye on your Nintendo eShop listing if the Switch is your preferred platform.

New Steam Pages

Greed is a combat focused non-linear 2D platformer that gives me souls-like vibes. It’s not technically a “True” Metroidvania according to the developer – it doesn’t have ability gating – but I think it may appeal to the fans of the other 2D Souls-likes we’ve already reviewed. It has an open beta available on its Steam page if you’re interested in checking it out sooner than later.

Similar to Greed, Devastated is a 2D open world platformer, though I haven’t confirmed with the developer yet whether it has the Metroidvania confirming ability gating. The way the Steam page described the game it reminds me of the Fallout games. If it’s at all similar your main objective may be meeting people and resolving situations by sticking your nose into them.

Draco Knight
Draco Knight uses twin sticks for its combat, and the way that everything is zoomed in to focus on the action, I expect one-on-one duels to be your main objective. It’s got a respectable ambition, so hopefully it manages to pull off the animations and tightness of controls to execute it.

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