Devastated, Lootbox Lyfe, 3D VR Metroidvania FPS Infinite, and a top 25 list of upcoming games from ClemmyGames.

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Top 25 BEST Upcoming Metroidvania Indie Games – By ClemmyGames

An excellent YouTuber going by ClemmyGames recently put together a compilation of 25 upcoming Metroidvania games. Every game on this list displays gorgeous art and a ton of gameplay promise – we can’t wait to look at all of them when they come out!

ClemmyGames does great coverage of upcoming indie games of all genres as well, so it’s a good channel to subscribe to if you’re interested in learning about future releases.

New Releases

Lootbox Lyfe
A platforming focused Metroidvania with plenty of difficulty options to accommodate all kinds of players. There are a lot of excellent challenges with tight controls that I think even platforming veterans will be satisfied. It’s a great value for $5! The full review is coming this Monday.

Role-playing takes the forefront of the design behind Devastated. Interact with NPCs and determine their fate, and of course, customize your character’s stats as you level up. The open world, epic boss fights, and multiple outcomes promises a deep and engaging experience.

New Steam Pages

FPS Infinite
Inspired by Metroid Prime, this is a procedurally generated FPS Metroidvania style game designed specifically for VR! I think that makes this the first VR Metroidvania game if you don’t count Metroid Prime Mods. Whether or not it succeeds at its claims, it will be available for the low price of free once it’s released, so it’s definitely something worth checking out if the concept appeals to you. Also, it says the VR support is optional, in case you haven’t taken the dive into that sphere of gaming yet.

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