REDO! gets an update, Shinsekai into the Depths released on Switch, Aeternablade games coming to steam with the sequel getting an overhaul, plus two great new looking kickstarters in this week's news.

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Metroidvania Games To Be Made Available on New Platforms

REDO! – Ported to Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One in Q3 2020 – also on Steam
We absolutely loved REDO! when we played it last year, so we’re excited to hear that it’s getting a major patch. Best of all, it’s coming to other platforms, so those that prefer one of the major consoles as their gaming device will have that option.

The patch will include new gameplay elements and improved presentation values, although at this point in time details are limited. If you already own the game on PC this update will be free, and I assume it will be released around the same time the other platforms are released in Q3.

Shinsekai into the Depths – Ported to Nintendo Switch – Also on iOS
Originally only on iOS as of late last year, Capcom’s underwater Metroidvania is now available on the Nintendo Switch. There are actually several Underwater Metroidvania games, such as Aquaria, Song of the Deep, and the Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human, but I think this is the only one so far where oxygen management is a major gameplay mechanic. Explore the ruins of past civilizations now on a platform with a built-in controller option.

Aeternoblade – Being released on Steam – also on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Nintendo 3DS, Vita, and the Windows Store
Your town has been destroyed, and so your protagonist takes up the powerful Aeternoblade to get revenge. Aeternoblade is one among a growing list of Metroidvania style games with time manipulation as a core mechanic. Having been released on basically every platform up to this point, it’s finally coming to Steam (even though it’s been on PC for a while), most likely to accompany its sequel which is getting an overhaul.

Aeternoblade 2 – Being Ported to PC – Also on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One
More shenanigans require the first game’s protagonist to fight some more, using the Aeternoblade’s time manipulation to overcome the odds. The official title listed on this sequel’s store page says that this is the “Director’s Rewind” edition which besides adding more content seems to alter every other major aspect of the game. The original release has been met with generally poor reviews, so perhaps this revamp will address the major issues. The update will also be available on the other platforms sometime after the Steam release.

Aeterna: Noctis Kickstarter

Aeterna: Noctis has you playing as the “King of the Dark”, which isn’t a common title for a player character. As you would expect, contrasting light and dark will be a major part of the game’s theming. The goal of this development is to provide both incredible combat as well as puzzle platforming, which are magic words when it comes to peaking our interest.

Greencap Kickstarter

Greencap is more focused on the platforming aspect of the genre, including staples like pogo jumping as well as some whole new mechanics to experiment with. Between the way healing works and your default main attack, it the trailer shows some similarities with Hollow Knight, which is a good thing. There’s a demo available now if you’re on the fence whether you want to help this one’s development.

New Steam Page

BOGs: Earth vs Sea
Based on Vietnamese mythology, you play as the God of the Earth competing against the God of the Sea over the right to marry the daughter of the great king. Real world mythology is something that always fascinates me, and it’s always a fun way to flavor a video game.

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