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If you hear any interesting Metroidvania news – New Games, Major Updates to Existing Games, interviews with Metroidvania developers, or anything else of merit – share it with us and we will share it here on this weekly post with credit given to the finder (Please provide a link to your social media so we can send them back your way.) Even if you find something we already knew about, we’ll still give you credit.

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Chasm Released on Nintendo Switch!

@ChasmGame has recently tweeted that Chasm has been released on the Nintendo Switch, and at the time of writing it is still 50% off!

Chasm has faced some mixed reception due to its procedurally generated levels, but we had fun with it at launch. Since our review, there has been a lot of patch work done, new modes added, and a lot that makes our thoughts a little obsolete. Because of that, we plan on re-reviewing it this summer to check out what has changed! Stay tuned – but in case you want to take advantage of that 50% off, keep in mind that we recommended it back then, so it can only be better today.

Itch.Io Demos

Itch.Io Metroidvania games are a deep rabbit hole that we’ve only scratched the surface of so far (pun intended.) We are gradually working to track all of them, but below are some new-ish demos that were shared with us in the past couple of weeks. Special thanks to NO4 on our discord for sharing many of these with us. They also have a Youtube Channel dedicated to showing off Metroidvania content that you should consider subscribing to.

All of these links are for upcoming games that happen to have demos available now. Click the links on each game title to check out the page and access the download, and definitely give the developers feedback on what you like and what you’d change about the game.

Vernal Edge
Inspired by Devil May Cry, Vernal Edge let’s you juggle foes, combine abilities, and use the environment to your advantage. Explore floating islands with a lush pixel art aesthetic. This demo is specifically made to show off its Combat features.

Mortimer Dark
Explore a unique and twisted world where creatures of all kinds hide just within the edges of the Darkness. Made with Pixel Maker MV

Slime: Evo
Play as a slime looking to avenge its race by evolving new abilities to travel the kingdom. Defeat four monster lords and make moral choices within the game’s emotional, wordless narrative.

The Legend of the Djinns: Mira
The Bard Eir has aspirations of being a hero, but lacks the power to become one. That all changes when he meets the Djinn called Mira, who enables him to explore and grow, and become the hero he wants to be.

Timothy and the Tower of Mu
Legends tell of a tower so high, it disappears above the clouds. If you manage to reach the top of this tower, a wish is granted. Help Timothy scale the tower and grant his ultimate wish – to return life to his dead grandfather.

New Steam Pages

Aria Disconnect
In a cyberpunk future, you are trapped, connected to a machine that places you in the nightmare world of Enderega. Explore this illusory world and discover its mysteries to finally disconnect.

Hargrave is trapped in a maze full of aggressive robots. Escape, or go even deeper to discover the truth.

In a colorful imagining of feudal japan, duel to the death in a memorable wordless story.

Weapon Hacker
Create weapons from scavenged parts in this procedurally generated Metroidvania style Roguelite.

Infinite Beyond the Mind
You are the only thing between wicked Queen Evangelyn and her domination of the world in this co-op action platformer.

Fantasy Story
Face the terrible warlock that has drained the resources of your home by exploring four distinct areas interconnected in by a central hub.

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