A 3D Metroidvania Playlist. The Cork Kickstarter. Updates for Bloodstained, Super Win the Game, Jedi: Fallen Order, Super Gear Quest Released. New steam pages for Dark Sales, Dr. Atominus, Tower of Samsara, and SteamDolls.

The Metroidvania Review is keeping its ear to the floor for any Metroidvania related news, and on a weekly basis we gather it up and share it with you. This will primarily be links to other sites, and you may have already heard the news throughout the week, but in case you missed something we hope to provide a good summary for what’s out there.

If you hear any interesting Metroidvania news – New Games, Major Updates to Existing Games, interviews with Metroidvania developers, or anything else of merit – share it with us and we will share it here on this weekly post with credit given to the finder (Please provide a link to your social media so we can send them back your way.) Even if you find something we already knew about, we’ll still give you credit.

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Alianger’s 3D Metroidvania Playlist

Link to Playlist

Alianger is the owner of the useful Metroidvania site we’ve included on our Other Resources page. Recently he has been putting together a playlist of longplays for 3D Metroidvania games he’s been investigating. If “3D” is a specific part of the genre you’ve been curious about exploring, this playlist is a great place to get ideas on what to try.

New Kickstarter

The Cork – Active through June 4 2020
The Cork is a cerebral combat oriented Metroidvania taking inspiration from souls-likes and Castlevania. A wretched plague has overtaken your home and made the villagers violent and hostile. You must journey to a forgotten kingdom to find a cure.

New Game Updates

Bloodstained Zangetsu Mode and Randomizer Mode Release Date Announced
News Link
Release Date: May 7th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Later this month for Nintendo Switch

Zangetsu will finally be playable later this month. It sounds like he will function similarly to bonus character modes in previous Igavania games. Cutscenes, crafting, and questing are all disabled while playing as him.

The Randomizer mode is very customizable. You can choose to put your crucial ability upgrades in completely random places, randomize drops, and even mix up where the Save and Warp rooms are at. It looks to be a great way to experience the castle in new ways.

You can view our review of Bloodstained here.

Super Randomize The Game
News Link
Super Win The Game also got a randomizer mode this past week. It has a fairly robust world to explore so this should breathe some life into the experience for those that prefer its exploration to its speedrunning options. If you haven’t played this game yet, it’s a platforming focused game with no combat, which we definitely recommend.

You can find our review of Super Win the Game here.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order New Game + and Combat Challenge Mode
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As a May the 4th celebration, EA and Respawn Entertainment released a free content update. Some of it is cosmetic options, such as a new costume or the ability to carry your costumes onto a new save file. The biggest thing is the addition of the Combat Meditation challenges, which is also accessible in New Game+. Boss modes aren’t an unusual feature for games to have, but what makes it unique in Fallen Order is that you can create customized fights, including adding monsters to boss fights to up the challenge.

I think my favorite change though is the accessibility option to turn off button mashing quicktime events. This is the best thing any AAA game has ever done in an update.

You can find our review of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order here.

New Releases

Super Gear Quest
Now available on itch.io and Steam, Super Gear Quest follows the story of an Android who just woke up after a great war. The game looks inspired by Cave Story, and promises a massive campaign including 40 bosses, multiple endings and a post-game. It has all the markings of a sleeper hit, so definitely check this one out.

New Steam Pages

Dark Sales
Cruel Supervisors oppress the office world of Nardrol, and you as the chosen salesman must bring an end to the cycle of pain in this Dark Souls parody.

Dr. Atominus
You’re a magnified Atom who doesn’t want to play by the rules of the scientist who created you. Explore the 4th dimension in this chiptune 8-bit style Metroidvania.

Tower of Samsara – Hidden Treasures.
In this Souls-like Puzzle Platformer, summon the forces of the sun, face your enemies, and break the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

SteamDolls – Order of Chaos
From the same publisher as Redo!, Steamdolls is a Steampunk Metroidvania game where the main words used to describe it are Action, Exploration, Stealth, and Blood. Explore a labyrinthine city full of secrets and Madness while enjoying the voice talents of David Hayter and others.

It also has a prologue demo available on Steam if you want to try it right away.

And Keep an eye on its upcoming Kickstarter if you’re interested in backing it.

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