The Cork, Ato, Darklight, Two Bit Hero, and King, Witch & Dragon

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New Kickstarter Pages

The Cork
Kickstarter Expiration – June 4th
The Cork promises the more cerebral and deliberate combat of the souls-like games. You play as Salem Cairnwright who returns home only to discover that his hometown has been overtaken by a plague that causes the people to become mad. You must traverse the forgotten kingdom of Kinsbane, a land built into the walls of a massive crater, in order to find the secret of what is causing the plague.

New Releases

Available Now on Steam and
A samurai game with a pleasant aesthetic, Ato is the story of a father trying to recover a kidnapped child. Ato’s store page advertises its sword duels heavily, notes that there are some puzzles to enjoy, and has a story that uses as few words as possible.

Dark Light
Available on Steam in Early Access

Face off against invisible foes in this a cyberpunk world, where only your Dark Light can illuminate them. Defeating creatures allows you to collect their shards and power up. Combat is inspired by Souls-like games, and there are many ways to customize your weapon options.

New Steam Pages

Two Bit Hero
The local super-hero has been overpowered by a gang of evil-doers who have glitched reality itself. It’s up to you to step it up and save the people.

King, Witch & Dragon
While this is technically the opposite of what we cover here, it’s an interesting concept never the less. This game is an “Anti-vania”, where your character becomes weaker, so you as the player have to become stronger. Instead of finding new abilities, you sacrifice your abilities and have to adapt to your new limitations in order to find and defeat each boss.

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