The past few weeks we’ve been experimenting with streaming on, and we would like to make it a more regular thing. Starting this Saturday, May 16th, we are going to be streaming weekly at 9AM PDT.

We will be announcing this time every week on our Wednesday News Post, along with any updates if there are any complications preventing us from being able to stream that week.

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If you want to tune into the live show and chat with us, our Twitch channel is

We are also keeping an archive of our streams on that channel, as well as uploading them to The Metroidvania Review Let’s Play YouTube Channel.

On our Twitch streams we are going to be covering the following types of games:

  1. Unfinished Business – Often times a game updates after we finish reviewing it, or there’s endgame content we weren’t able to cover in our review. When this extra content isn’t likely to change our overall review or score, Twitch streaming allows us to cover it broadly.

    Some Possible Examples:
    Hollow Knight Free DLC
    The Messenger’s Picnic Panic
    Environmental Station Alpha’s Insane Endgame

  2. The Hidden Gems – These are games that we just think need a little more coverage, and we hope by doing a full playthrough we can get more people excited and aware of their existence.

    Some Possible Examples:
    Destroy Space Aliens
    Vision Soft Reset

  3. Game Mods or Misc Other Content – A little different from “Unfinished Business”, with this category we’ll be looking at mods to existing games, or other fan projects that we wouldn’t otherwise be writing a review for.

    Some Possible Examples:
    Super Metroid X Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past Randomizer
    Misc Metroidvania Related Demos or Vaporware Projects

  4. One-Off Requests – These are short games we can cover just as a one-off request. For instance, a couple of weeks ago I did a clumsy run of Mega Man 2 because a good fellow on our discord wanted to see it. This category will likely end up happening between larger projects.

For every stream I will be trying to get a guest speaker so it’s not just me talking, but for scheduling reasons that may not always be possible.

For tomorrow’s Stream we’ll be starting Hollow Knight with the intention of doing the DLC content we missed when we reviewed it in 2017. This will be a full playthrough, so we’ll be starting from the beginning. We’ll be using a guide to try and stay on track during the main portion of the game until we reach the parts we’ll be playing blind. Check it out tomorrow at 9AM PDT if you want to chat with us while we play.

We’re still growing this aspect of the Metroidvania Review project, and we’re aware there’s a lot that can be improved. Feel free to give us any feedback you like either by commenting on our YouTube or through this site.

Edit on 5/16/2020: We apologize to anyone who tuned in today expecting Hollow Knight for the technical difficulties preventing us from playing that game. We hope that you can enjoy Environmental Station Alpha in the Interim until we can resolve these issues. Thank you for your patience and understanding.