Clunky Hero and the The Cork Kickstarters, and releases for Inexistence Rebirth, Two Bit Hero, and Johann Weiss.

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New Kickstarter Pages

Clunky Hero – Expires Monday, June 15th
A comedy Metroidvania where you help Rufas save his homely wife from the Evil One’s spell. Advertised as a mix of Hollow Knight and parody games like Munchkin.

Expiring Kickstarters

The Cork
Just a reminder that The Cork’s kickstarter is expiring next week, so if you want to jump in now is your chance. It’s a minimalist pixel art game with deliberate Souls-like combat, and it most certainly appeals to me.

New Releases

Johann Weiss – Steam and
A Satanic Cult has kidnapped your sister, and you must save her before she’s sacrificed to summon Hell on Earth. A mix between Metroidvania and Oldschool Duke Nukem platforming games. By request, we will be reviewing this game in June.

Two Bit Hero – Steam
The local super-hero has been overpowered by a gang of evil-doers who have glitched reality itself. It’s up to you to step it up and save the people.

Inexistence Rebirth – Steam
The evil Claos has plunged one of the keepers of the world into a deep slumber. As the other keeper, you must find Claos to break the spell.

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