Steamdolls, Curse of the Sea Rats, Shantae and the Seven Sirens, Skelattack, Dark Sales, Albert's Journey and Pear Potion in this week's news.

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ClemmyGames’ Top 20 MORE Upcoming Metroidvania Indie Games

Clemmy always does a great job compiling trailers and exclusive footage to keep us all updated on upcoming Indie titles. This week he has a list of 20 more Metroidvania games you may be interested in. If you haven’t subscribed to his channel, I highly recommend that you do.

New Kickstarter Pages

Steamdolls – Order of Chaos – Expires July 2nd 2020
Action, Exploration, Stealth, and Blood are the main words used to describe this Steampunk Metroidvania game. Explore a labyrinthine city full of secrets and madness.

Curse of the Sea Rats Expires July 3rd 2020
Four sea rats embark on a quest to save the admiral’s son, capture the evil Pirate Flora Burn, and break a magic spell. Includes four playable characters and four player co-op.

Expiring Kickstarters

The Cork
One last chance to support this pixel art souls-like action game. It expires tomorrow. A plague has hit your home town, causing your kinsfolk to lose their minds. Discover the plague’s origins through exploration and facing your foes with deliberate Souls-like Style combat.

New Releases

Shantae and the Seven Sirens – PC (Steam, GoG), Switch, PS4, Xbox One, iOS (iPad/iPhone)
Explore a vast sunken city using Shantae’s new fusion magic. and power up by collecting monster cards. See familiar faces and make new Half-Genie friends in this 5th adventure.

Skelattack PC (Steam), Switch, PS4, Xbox One
Out of nowhere, Konami has published an exploration focused action platformer. Save the underworld from the human threat! Explore, jump, and slash your way through the world of Aftervale to and rescue the Elder Skeleton before it’s too late.

Dark SalesPC (Steam)
Cruel Supervisors oppress the office world of Nardrol, and you as the chosen salesman must bring an end to the cycle of pain in this Dark Souls parody.

New Steam Pages

Albert’s Journey
A pacifist adventure game with Metroidvania Elements. Albert is stranded on an alien planet where he is forced to decide between his journey’s success and the welfare of the world’s inhabitants.

Pear Potion
A Hero Core inspired top-down Metroidvania involving witchcraft and fruity potion brewing.

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