Outbuddies DX has released and is now on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, Weapon Hacker is now out, Moon Raider gets a kickstarter, and Last Knight, Lorera, and The Wine steam pages.

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New Kickstarter Pages

Moon Raider – Expires June 2nd
While not exactly a Metroidvania, it’s been described to me as having light Metroidvania elements. Regardless of what genre it fits into best, it looks pretty awesome, being reminiscent of the Mega Man X games but with its own clear style.

New Ports/Updates

Outbuddies DX – Now on Switch and Xbox One!
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Metroid-like buddy co-op game has received a few enhancements and has been released on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. If you have a local co-op friend, there isn’t any asymmetrical experience quite like this one. It also sounds like we need to update our review at some point, though it may be a while before that happens. Updates include graphics tweaks, equipment balancing, and world layout adjustments. The PC version will also be receiving all of these changes.

New Releases

Weapon Hacker – PC (Steam)
Create weapons from scavenged parts in this procedurally generated Metroidvania style Roguelite. Expect mini-Metroidvania style playthroughs. We’ll be looking at this game in this next month, so stay tuned, but don’t wait for us if you’re interested.

New Steam Pages

末代侠客 (Last Knight)
It was only a matter of time before a few games would come to our attention that have not been localized into English. (Interpreted from Google Translate) Play as a chivalrous swordsman during the Mongolian Invasion signifying the end of the Soong Dynasty. Discover new martial arts powers in the world and defeat your enemies by learning their patterns.

Use your hookshot to explore the colorful world of Lorera. Find the lost relics to obtain more powers and ultimately unlock the mysteries of the world.

Horror Tales – The Wine
In a post pandemic world, there is one wine that can cure the disease that killed everyone else. Explore the abandoned world to find it – but can you be sure it’s actually abandoned? I have to note that this game is more genre-adjacent than full-on Metroidvania, as so far you don’t get any new powers to help you progress. I think it may still be interesting for genre fans.

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