The Steam Game Festival Launched this week with many Metroidvania demos to check out! Also, it's your last chance for the Vernal Edge and Last Faith Kickstarters. Plus five new steam pages to check out.

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If you hear any interesting Metroidvania news – New Games, Major Updates to Existing Games, interviews with Metroidvania developers, or anything else of merit – share it with us and we will share it here on this weekly post with credit given to the finder (Please provide a link to your social media so we can send them back your way.) Even if you find something we already knew about, we’ll still give you credit.

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Update to Monday’s Review

This Monday we’ve scheduled an update to our Chasm review, but we are now planning on a double feature. We will also be reviewing Alwa’s Legacy, which will be releasing later today, so keep an eye out for that!

Steam Game Festival is Now Live!

A huge indie game event is now live, and several Metroidvania games have new demos for you to try. There are too many to list them all individually, but you can find the Metroidvania sections in the Adventure and Platforming Pages in the Steam Festival section of the store. I highly recommend browsing through and trying out anything that looks interesting.

Adventure Games

Platforming Games

Expiring Kickstarters

Vernal Edge – Expires June 18 at 1:57 PM MDT
Vernal Edge is Metroidvania meets Devil May Cry. I’m glad to see that this one hit its initial goal, but there are still some incredible looking stretch goals you can help them with if you jump in now, such as Turbo Mode and an additional playable character. The digital copy of the game is $20, and they hope to launch on console platforms besides PC. Try out its demo to see the current beta if you want to know more.

The Last Faith – Expires June 19th at 8:00 AM MDT
The Last Faith is Metroidvania meets Bloodborne. This one has been generating a lot of hype and has made many of its stretch goals, but one that intrigues me the most is the Online Co-op mode that has yet to be achieved. Jump in for £22 and get a copy of the game while helping it get there. This one also plans to release on all current major consoles.

Note that The Last Faith has also gotten its Steam Page in the last week, so you can follow it there as well.

New Game Updates

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night – Development Plan Revealed
News Link
At launch Bloodstained Ritual of the Night’s team marketed 13 free upcoming DLC, and this past week they’ve outlined their plan for 2020. This is exciting news since I think I’ve become accustomed to these DLC promises spanning out over the course of several years. I did promise I’d look at Bloodstained again when all was said and done, so once we confirm they’ve released all that was planned expect to see that review scheduled for the month immediately following.

ZordakDemo Updates
Link put out a new trailer for Zordak, which gives me an opportunity to talk about it since I don’t think I have brought it up here before. It’s been in development since 2018, and it’s constantly getting updates so I won’t be reporting on every single one when it happens. However, it looks very promising, and the store page cites Super Metroid as its main inspiration. The premise is that you wake up from cryostasis in a place where everything has gone wrong and have to survive while looking for other humans. I recommend checking out its demo if you have the chance.

New Steam Pages

Play as a nuclear powered Robot investigating whether Earth is inhabitable again in this post-apocalyptic Metroidvania.

Bananas Academy’s Psyber
An educational Metroidvania-inspired platformer that teaches the fundamentals of Computer Programming. This may be the first of its kind, and it’s a fascinating experiment that I hope ends up being successful.

Pronty: Fishy Adventure
An underwater adventure with Pronty and his bionic companion Bront. Save the city of the deep from the mutant fish monsters.

Shattered Soul
You have lost your memories and must explore Medieval Europe to find them in this Local Co-op Brawler/Metroidvania hybrid.

Shikari Rising
Unravel the mystery of the monster resurgence as the Demon Hunter called Novak, and test your mettle against innumerable foes.

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