A listing of what we plan on reviewing this upcoming month of July!

On the first of each month or the last day of the previous month, we report on what we are doing to achieve our goal to review every Metroidvania game. This announcement will include our schedule of reviews and articles for the upcoming month, as well as any planned site adjustments or other important announcements.

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The Metroidvania Review on Twitch Continues

We are broadcasting on Twitch once a week for 60-90 minutes at 9:00 AM PST every Saturday. Tune in live if you want to ask us questions. You can also view the Archive from our Twitch page or our YouTube Let’s Play channel.

The Metroidvania Review on Twitch

The Metroidvania Review Let’s Play YouTube Channel

We are currently broadcasting Environmental Station Alpha, but we should be wrapping up in the next couple of weeks. After we’re done with that, we’d like to do a short game before we pick up another large one. Vote on the strawpoll below which smaller title you’d be interested in seeing either live or on our Youtube channel.

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The next three larger projects will be Bone Appetit, Destroy Space Aliens, and Vision Soft Reset, which are three criminally underrated games we’d like to give a little more publicity. Once we’ve completed those we may start taking requests for larger projects as well. Let us know if there is something you’d like us to stream by contacting us through the site or through our discord!

Monthly Game Spotlight: Bone Appetit

The monthly game spotlight for July is Bone Appetit. This won’t be a game that will appeal to everyone – the controls are a little clunky (oldschool style) and combat is completely basic. In our opinion, it makes up for its more simple mechanics with an incredibly deep Metroidvania world to explore. Near the end of this month we will be streaming this game to show it off, so if you’re not convinced by the trailer or our review, you can check out our let’s play to see what it’s all about.

Check out our full review here!

July Review and Article Schedule

The Review Schedule for 2020 has been updated for July’s final plan. You can easily access this schedule by visiting our Other Resources page form the side menu.

Disclaimer – While we work very hard to keep our schedule exactly as we’ve announced it, technical difficulties or surprise high priority review requests can require us to adjust the schedule accordingly. We will try to post an announcement any time this happens.

Below are the games we will be looking at this month.

Metroid Fusion – July 6
Here we are at Metroid 4, the final official installment in the 2D Metroid saga, not counting remakes. It was hard to imagine how the story could continue after the events of Super Metroid, but Nintendo managed to blow that aspect of the game out of the water, making this a must play for Metroid Fans.

Weapon HackerJuly 13
Weapon Hacker joins A Robot Named Fight in being one of the most “True” Meetroidvania experiences while also being a roguelite game. Weapon Hacker has fluid controls and a of strategic depth. We’ll definitely be recommending it in our full review later this month.

Rain World – July 20
It’s a cruel cruel world out there, and if you’re suddenly thrown into the wild, it’s not going to explain anything either! Rain World charges you with surviving as a lost Cast Slug, where you have to keep your stomach full as much as you have to fill in your map.

Mask of Mists – July 27
Here at the Metroidvania Review we try to stay as true to the genre’s core attributes while also branching out as much as possible. We were offered an opportunity to review Mask of Mists, and after much deliberation we’ve decided to give it a go to see if it’s something Metroidvania fans might enjoy, even if it’s not an exact fit by strict definition.

Other Site Progress

We are still working on that database we announced earlier this year. World circumstances have slowed our progress, but rest assured it will come. We are also working on other YouTube content, so stay tuned!