Lorera and Dr. Atominus released, Blasphemous: The Stir of Dawn update, and new steam pages for Calorie Defenders, Prehistoric Dude, Skyseeker, Glimmer in Mirror, and Faeland.

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Site News – New Games Coming to Stream

On our Twitch channel, we just finished Environmental Station Alpha last week. This week we have about 15 minutes of bonus streaming for ESA, and then for the rest of the time it will be our break week activity. Based on a poll sent out, we’ll be taking a short break with Mega Man 4. Then next week it’s on to Bone Appetit. We stream every Saturday at 9:00AM PST.

A Quick Look Ahead
July 25 – Environmental Station Alpha bonus and Mega Man 4
August 1Bone Appetit
August 8Destroy Space Aliens Part 1

This schedule will be re-posted in our monthly update with the complete August plan.

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New Game Updates

Blasphemous: The Stir of DawnReleasing August 4th!
News Link
Blasphemous is getting a new patch come August 4th that seems to revamp the entire game in significant ways. Fast travel will work differently, spells will be revamped for balancing, and there will be new optional systems to take apart of, like New Game+ or the new three Penance system. Most of all there will be new areas to explore, new story to enjoy, and new bosses to defeat. It sounds like I may need to revamp my review at some point after this release. Check out the official news link above.

New Releases

Lorera – PC Windows (Steam)
Use your hookshot to explore the colorful world of Lorera. Find the lost relics to obtain more powers and ultimately unlock the mysteries of the world.

Dr. Atominus – PC Windows (Steam, Itch.io)
You’re a magnified Atom who doesn’t want to play by the rules of the scientist who created you. Explore the 4th dimension in this chiptune 8-bit style Metroidvania.

New Steam Pages

Calorie Defenders
Cute but unhealthy candy has invaded the body. As one of three noble veggies help defend the hunger against these wretched calories.

Faeland – Also coming to Switch, PS4, and Xbox One
A young hunter’s home is invaded by trolls and orcs, and he barely escapes with his life. Play as this hunter as you explore and discover a greater threat that looms over the land.

Glimmer In Mirror – 微光之镜
Currently exclusively in Chinese. (Google Translated Interpretation of Store page) A young girl wandered the world of nothing and found a mirror. In a disaster the mirror was shattered, and now she must traverse the destroyed world, and repair it.

Prehistoric Dude – Also coming to itch.io
Play as a ham loving prehistoric dude who’s lunch was stolen by a giant dinosaur. Explore three different scenarios that involve finding his lunch.

Skyseeker – Demo available on itch.io
A monster catching and collecting Metroidvania adventure where you explore the uncanny biome of the great tree and uncover its secrets.

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