New top 15 Upcoming Metroidvania games from Clemmygames, a useful Metroidvania list link, Carrion and Smelted Kin releases, and steam pages for qomp, ColorBlend FX, and Crocs Hunter.

The Metroidvania Review is keeping its eyes out for any Metroidvania related news, and on a weekly basis we gather it up and share it with you. This will primarily be links to other sites, and you may have already heard the news throughout the week, but in case you missed something we hope to provide a good summary for what’s out there.

If you hear any interesting Metroidvania news – New Games, Major Updates to Existing Games, interviews with Metroidvania developers, or anything else of merit – share it with us and we will share it here on this weekly post with credit given to the finder (Please provide a link to your social media so we can send them back your way.) Even if you find something we already knew about, we’ll still give you credit.

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New Top 15 Upcoming Metroidvania List from ClemmyGames

ClemmyGames has put together another great trailer compilation specific to the Metroidvania genre. He always does a good job with it, and it’s a great way to learn about upcoming games you might not have heard of.

The Entropy Pump’s Metroidvania List

We recently heard about The Entropy Pump, and they have an excellent list of Metroidvania games for your perusal, and many of the games on their list even have links to reviews.

We have also added their site to our Other Resources Page.

New Releases

Carrion – Steam (MacOS, PC, Linux), Switch, Xbox One
Become the monster in this reverse horror game. Grow, evolve, and consume the humans that tried to contain you. This seems like a perfect candidate for a Halloween review.

Smelted KinSteam (August 4th), (Windows, Linux), Google Play Store (Android)
Discover why a vast research complex has fallen into decay in this Sci-Fi 2D Shooter. Control drones and transform robots to suit your needs. This has technically been out since April on, but it’s coming to Steam in just a week – that makes it a new release on at least that platform.

New Steam Pages

ColorBlend FX – Also releasing on
The colors of the world have been stolen! It’s up to you to face off with the eThe colors of the world have been stolen! It’s up to you to face off with the evil Lord Ashen and restore color back to the world in this Puzzle Platformer Metroidvania. A demo is available on the page.

Crocs Hunter
The Crocosaurus are invading! Develop the skills of you and your companion and eventually become a powerful Genie to prevent your land from being overtaken.

You are the ball. Escape.
Looking at the store page, it looks like you’re just tired of Pong and discover a metroidvania off to the right of the paddle field.

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