Prehistoric Dude, Smelted Kin released. Escape from Tethys ported to consoles. Anno: Mutationem, Citadale: The Awakened Spirit, and Effigy steam pages, plus an update on a Phoenotopia Review.

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Phoenotopia Awakening Release Date Announced – Review Schedule Changes

Phoenotopia Awakening received a release date earlier this month, and we have received a request and opportunity to review it just after its release. Phoenotopia will be out exclusively on the Nintendo Switch in the North America region on August 20th, with other region releases planned to follow starting 3-4 weeks after. Other platforms are planned for release at a later date.

A starship has abducted all of the village’s adults, and it’s up to Gail, the oldest member of the fragmented community, to solve the mystery. As you can see from the trailer it has a gorgeous aesthetic and promises a grand adventure.

For feasibility reasons our review schedule has been pushed forward. You can see the updated schedule for August on our 2020 Review Schedule page.

New Ports

Escape From Tethys – Now on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One!
Escape from Tethys might not have high production values, but it has a lot of heart. If exploring to power up is one of your favorite parts of this genre, then I think you’ll find this game to be a gem. Check out our full review for all of our thoughts on it.

New Releases

Prehistoric Dude – PC Windows (Steam,, Nintendo Switch
Play as a ham loving prehistoric dude who’s lunch was stolen by a giant dinosaur. Explore three different scenarios that involve finding his lunch. It looks to be a whimsical time for a budget price. The Switch version will be available in just a few days.

Smelted Kin – PC Windows/Linux (Steam), Android
Discover why a vast research complex has fallen into decay in this Sci-Fi 2D Shooter. Control drones and transform robots to suit your needs. Enjoy on PC or on the go with your Android device.

New Steam Pages

Anno: Mutationem
You’re a highly trained lone wolf on a mission in a cyberpunk Metropolis. Take on sinister mega corporations and mysterious fringe groups while exploring diverse locations. Has a unique 2D/3D hybrid style. The developer hesitates to call this a true Metroidvania, but it has enough elements that we’re definitely keeping an eye on it.

Citadale: The Awakened Spirit
CutePart 5 of the Citadale series. A jealous succubus has stormed your wedding in revenge for killing her master. Now you must return to Citadale to face her in battle. All of the previous Citadale games have been also released on, there’s a decent chance this game will follow.

An FPS Metoidvania! The prison moon Gehenna has been overrun by cultists, and you were sent to investigate. Now you’re trapped, and you must find your way home.

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