Sheepo, Enter Digiton, Citadale 5, Rogue Legacy 2 released, Kickstarter for 8Doors, and New Steam Pages for Beholgar, The Light of the Darkness, Mean-While, Star Rover, and Taivas. Plus some review schedule changes.

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Site News: Review Changes for two New Releases

This month we had three games release with requests to review each, which means we needed to update our schedule accordingly. This Monday’s Review will definitely be replaced with Sheepo. Because I want to review it as soon as possible, if we can I’d like to also include Enter Digiton as a bonus review at the same time. If we can’t fit it in with Sheepo or Castlevania Circle of the Moon the week after, then Enter Digiton will definitely be our September 14th review. In a few days we will hopefully be able to provide more solid information with our monthly update. For those who have been following our schedule, don’t worry, Super Daryl Deluxe and Lyle in Cube Sector will still be coming.

Sheepo – Releasing on Windows (Steam) today – Other platforms also planned
Join a shapeshifting sheep-thing and complete your intergalactic species database in this pacifist Metroidvania.

Enter Digiton – Windows (Steam,
Using only a shield for a weapon, banish the four Demon Lords and save Digiton from its never ending struggle for survival.

Other New Releases

Citadale – The Awakened SpiritWindows (Steam), Linux (Steam)
Part 5 of the Citadale series. A jealous succubus has stormed your wedding in revenge for killing her master. Now you must return to Citadale to face her in battle.

Rogue Legacy 2 (Early Access) – Windows (Steam)
Fight, die, and pick up the sword of your ancestors in this Roguelite Castlevania style platformer sequel.

New Kickstarter Pages

8Doors: Arum’s Afterlife Adventure
After a mysterious plague kills her only family, Arum ventures into purgatory to find her father. Based on Korean folklore, you will be facing off with wretched specters, leading lost souls to the right path, and solving mysteries.

New Steam Pages

An evil sorcerer has invited an evil god to the earth, and the fate of the world is now in the hands of a Barbarian.

The Light of the Darkness
As a creature of neither light nor darkness, explore the lands of oblivion to unite two clashing cultures.

Two rivaling megalomaniacs are forced to work together in hopes to survive each other’s fortresses in this comedic adventure.

Star Rover
A Third Person action game in the Metroidvania style. As the Star Rover, explore the galaxy to rescue those in need.

Fight your way to the upworld in this Metroidvania-inspired roguelite.

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