Girl Genius and Dormiveglia Kickstarters expiring, Teslagrad 2 and Romancelvania announced.

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Expiring Kickstarters

Girl Genius – Adventures In Castle Heterodyne – Expires Saturday October 3 2:39PM PDT
The makers of the popular webcomic Girl Genius have teamed up with the makers of Teslagrad to create a 3D Metroidvania! Agatha must explore Castle Hederodyne to reclaim her birthright after discovering that she is the true heir to the throne. It has reached its goal of $200k, but for every $10K after until $250k a new character from the comic is added as a stretch goal.

Dormiveglia – Expires Sunday October 4th 8:32 PDT
Dormiveglia is a 2D Metroidvania starring Quinn, the whip-wielding hero of Spring Plaza. There’s a playable demo available on which we did a montage style summary of on our Let’s Play channel. It’s about $18k away from its goal if you want to help it out.

Game Announcements

Teslagrad 2
Girl Genius isn’t the only thing that Rain Games is working on. They recently announced that Teslagrad 2 is also in development with some very early screens available at this point. This time the game will take place in an unexplored region inspired by the developer’s homeland Norway. The first game was a unique take on puzzle platforming and we enjoyed it quite a bit. It will be exciting to see what new levels a sequel can achieve.

Genre fusion is always something that interests me, and of course the concept inspires wonder about which genres can actually be combined. “Dating Sim” and “Metroidvania” is always something we joked about, but the developers over at Deep End games are making it come true. In Romancelvania you play as a down trodden Dracula trying to make a comeback by participating on a Monster Love reality TV show. For more details check out The Escapist’s exclusive reveal. There will also be a Kickstarter as well, which we will announce again once it launches.

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