A listing of what we plan on reviewing and streaming this upcoming month of October!

On the Friday immediately preceding the first Monday of each month when we would normally post our first review, we report on what we are doing to achieve our goal to review every Metroidvania game. This announcement includes our schedule of reviews and articles for the upcoming month, as well as any planned site adjustments or other important announcements.

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Every third Monday is our Patreon review, where our Patreon’s nominate a review of their choice. This month’s choice is Ato.

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The Metroidvania Review is now doing YouTube Video Reviews!

This has been the most highly requested feature we have had even since we were just a curator. Keep an eye on our primary YouTube Channel (Subscribe if you want a notification!) because on October 16th we’re releasing our first Video Review! As this is a new feature for us, please send us comments either through the site or just by commenting on the video on how we can improve.

Our first video will be a review for Cathedral. Stay tuned for October 16th!

Going forward we will be starting with one Video Review a month, always on the second Friday after our first Monday review. The game reviewed will likely correspond with our Monthly Game Spotlight. Thus, while we recommend you subscribe to get a notification when the video releases, you can get a preview of what that video will be by checking out this monthly update.

Monthly Game Spotlight: Cathedral

The monthly game spotlight for October is Cathedral. We are super excited that this 2019 hidden gem is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Hopefully there it will finally get the attention it deserves. Cathedral is a masterclass example of engaging level design. It’s not a super “open” Metroidvania – it follows more of a Zelda-like structure – but nevertheless it’s a very satisfying game to work your way through. It offers puzzles, entertaining NPCs, challenging bosses, and a fantastic 8-bit style. Don’t miss this one!

Check out our full review here!

October Review and Article Schedule

The Review Schedule for 2020 has been updated for October’s final plan. You can easily access this schedule by visiting our Other Resources page form the side menu.

Disclaimer – While we work very hard to keep our schedule exactly as we’ve announced it, technical difficulties or surprise high priority review requests can require us to adjust the schedule accordingly. We will post an announcement any time this happens.

Below are the games we plan on looking at this month.

Castlevania: Lament of Innocence – October 5
Castlevania: Lament of Innocence is origin story of the Belmonts, the Whip, and Dracula himself. It’s also the first 3D Castlevania game that Koji Igarashi was involved in. It technically came out after a lot of important 3D game designs had already been developed, but it definitely shows off some experimentation with the format, for better or worse. Check out our review coming this Monday on whether we think it’s still worth playing today!

Smelted KinOctober 12
A relatively unknown 2D platformer shooter which is a little rough around the edges, but has some great atmosphere and decent level design if you enjoy a challenge. It’s available on both PC and Android, so if you want something challenging you can play on the go instead, it may be worth checking this one out.

Ato – October 19
Our patrons have graciously selected Ato for this month’s Patreon Review. It managed to go relatively unnoticed even though there’s a clear passion that went into creating it. We’re excited to try it for ourselves, and hopefully give it a spotlight if it ends up being a hidden gem.

Vigil the Longest Night – October 26
The Metroidvania genre is very good at providing “spooky” experiences, so we had a vast sea of options we could choose for our Halloween Week review. Based on its release date and its relation to the most horrifying genre of all – the Souls-like genre – we felt Vigil: The Longest Night would be an excellent game to celebrate the holiday.

Top 10 Metroidvania Games for those new to the Genre – October 23
A question we hear a lot is “What’s the best Metroidvania game to start with?” With our Top 10 Article this month we wanted to give our 10 games we’d recommend to those who have never played a Metroidvania game before. We hope it will be a fine resource that you can share with your friends.

The Metroidvania Review Twitch Schedule

We are broadcasting on Twitch once a week for 60-90 minutes at 9:00 AM PST every Saturday. Tune in live if you want to ask us questions. You can also view the Archive from our Twitch page or our YouTube Let’s Play channel.

We plan on doing Blasphemous this month in celebration of Halloween and to try out the new DLC, however if there are any technical difficulties we may be starting a playthrough of the 2D Metroid trilogy starting with Metroid Zero Mission.

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Below is our Stream schedule for August:
October 3 – Vision Soft Reset Part 4 + A Robot Named Fight

October 10 – Blasphemous Part 1

October 17 -Blasphemous Part 2

October 24 – Blasphemous Part 3

October 31 – Blasphemous part 4

Happy Anniversary Metroidvania Review!

The Metroidvania Review officially became a Curator in October 2017, so this is the anniversary month of the beginning! Releasing our first video review is our true celebration of this occasion. Thank you everyone for all of your support!