Kickstarters for Retro Systems and Romancelvania, Warriorb Ported to Switch, Biomoass, Hargrave, Neon Fusion, and Vigil: the Longest Night Released, and four Steam pages for awesome looking games.

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New Kickstarter Pages

Thanks again to DiscordBot over on our Discord for keeping us apprised of the Metroidvania games active on Kickstarter. Two of the these games are already funded, but there are still some rewards to be had if you are interested. As always you can check our Active Kickstarter page if you happen to miss any of these news posts and you’re curious about what’s available.

Jessie Jaeger in Cleopatra’s Curse – Expires October 16 1:59PM PDT
Jessie Jaeger is releasing on the Sega Genesis and Turbografx systems, and in fact the $15 tier of this Kickstarter gets you a copy of the ROM to use with Sega Genesis emulators. This alone makes this kind of a unique option, especially if you like the idea of playing natively on retro hardware. You fight with your whip and explore Cleopatra’s Crypt to save your grandfather from a curse.

Reknum 2 – Expires November 2 3:00AM PDT
Reknum 2 is also planned to release on a few retro consoles, including the NES, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, and Sega Dreamcast. There are also Switch and Steam versions planned. Most tiers also include a Steam copy of Ploid Saga, one of the team’s earlier games. Reknum 2 mixes run-and-gun mechanics with metroidvania elements as you quest to save the future.

Romancelvania: BATchelor’s Curse – Expires November 13 8:11AM PDT
The Dating Sim Metroidvania hybrid is now live on Kickstarter. It advertises a focus on combat as building your own party mansion in order to woo an eligible monster to move in and help restore Dracula’s former glory. To quote Dracula from the Kickstarter page “Terrorizing the townsfolk just wasn’t fun anymore. Then Grim suggested putting the ‘lust’ back in bloodlust and I thought, you know what, he’s right.”

New Ports

WarriOrb – Now on Nintendo Switch!
As a demon trapped in a ball-like form, jump and bounce through platforming challenges, solve puzzles, and interact with NPCs on your journey to regain your true form and your freedom. We haven’t had a chance to review this one yet, but it’s definitely on our list!

New Releases

Biomass – Windows PC (Steam) – Also coming to
In Biomass, you will explore an interconnected world and cross paths with factions each with their own agenda. Use your wits to learn different ways to traverse the sinking city, and in turn discover many possible outcomes for its denizens depending on your actions and choices. Choice is the key word on this store description, multiple paths are what Metroidvanias are often all about, so making the story have a similar structure seems like a natural choice.

Hargrave – Windows PC (Steam) – Free Game
Hargrave is trapped in a maze full of aggressive robots. Escape, or go even deeper to discover the truth. The game is free to play on Steam so you can try it out today!

Neon Fusion – Windows PC (Steam) – Early Access
Ambar, an armored robot receives a distress signal that leads to a huge abandoned space station. Explore interconnected corridors and uncover the mystery of what happened. Currently in Early Access.

Vigil: The Longest Night – Windows PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch
Inspired by Salt and Sanctuary and Castlevania, technical combat is the main draw for Vigil: The Longest Night. Battle through the longest night as Leila a member of the Vigilant Order and uncover the truth behind the eternal darkness, Leila’s mysterious sister, and the eldritch horrors that stalk her in a world that has forgotten daylight. We are planning on reviewing this game on October 26th, but don’t wait for us if you’re interested!

New Steam Pages

The Doomed Knight
You are the Doomed Knight. Torn between madness and sanity. You walked the realm of death for thousands of years forget your own past and identity. But something is wrong in the realm of death. And you are out to discover what it is!

Explore and Fight in a dreadful world rich in treasures and deadly creatures. Experience a Lovecraftian inspired story-driven action RPG game with skill-based combat.

Overplasma is a combat, platforming and exploration game in alien worlds where you must face challenging enemies and obstacles as a space explorer who was in the wrong place at the wrong time!

Witchcrafter: Empire Legends
In Witchcrafter: Empire Legends you play with interactions in a systemic playground. Fire propagation, water simulation, air flow and terraforming – use 4 elements magic spells to your advantage.

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