Chiaroscuro and Reknum 2 kickstarters expiring, Supraland coming to modern consoles, Insect Adventures Demo, and new steam pages for 8 Bit Space and Deathstick.

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Expiring Kickstarters

Chiaroscuro – Expires October 29 12:00PM PDT
It’s you’re last chance to support Chiaroscuro before it expires tomorrow. It has just barely made its first goal, but there are still some great stretch goals to achieve.

Reknum 2 – Expires November 2 3:00AM PDT
Reknum 2 has the unusual goalof releasing on classic consoles, including the NES, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, and Sega Dreamcast. There are also Switch and Steam versions planned. Most tiers also include a Steam copy of Ploid Saga, one of the team’s earlier games. It has well surpassed its initial goal, but there’s still one more listed stretch goal to achieve.

New Ports

Supraland – Now on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4! (Also on Windows PC (Steam and GOG))
We apparently had incomplete information last week. Supraland wasn’t just coming out for the Nintendo Switch, but also the Xbox One and PS4! Now you can try out this game on whatever platform you prefer. We enjoyed it so much on PC that we gave it a 5 out of 5.

Check out our Full Review here!

New Demo

Insect Adventure – Windows PC (Steam)
Experience an action packed adventure as a young cockroach named Bugsy as he and his friend Mayo explore an uncharted cave. This was barely available last week, but we didn’t want it to be buried under the massive number of releases at the same time. Check it out if it looks interesting, it’s free.

New Steam Pages

8 Bit Space – Also available now on
A new star system has just been discovered. Within one of the systems is an ancient portal, its origins or where it leads are unknown. If you don’t want to wait for the Steam release, you can also purchase this on today! (or, if you bought the Racial Justice bundle earlier this year, you already have it.)

DeathStick – Also coming to Nintendo Switch!
Dive into magical worlds of Aarkalia, uncover its secrets and stop the ancient God awakening ritual. I normally don’t do this for Steam Pages on this news post, but the header for this game doesn’t present much, so check out this Gif they have on their steam page (also just go check out the whole steam page):

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