New Kickstarter page for Spirit of the Samurai. Landflix Odyssey released. New Steam Pages for Aleya's Ascent, Dream Watcher, and Heart Forth Alicia

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New Kickstarter Pages

The Spirit of the Samurai – Expires December 16 11:23 PST
Play as a samurai, a cat, and a kodama in this AtariVCS developed 2D Metroidvania Platformer. Explore a dark, yet beautiful world set in medieval Japan and its ancient mythology where you will fight against mythological creatures, demons, undeads.

New Releases

Landflix Odyssey – Windows PC (Steam)
Landflix Odyssey is a variety game based on a Netflix style service as a portal into other worlds. This isn’t a “True” Metroidvania in the sense that it’s the main genre you will be playing, but the game’s demo website lists “metroidvania” as one of the game types you can experience.

New Steam Pages

Aleya’s Ascent
Play as Aleya, the girl chosen by fate and circumstance to climb The Mountain and tame feral Ancient deities, long forgotten in this 2D precision platformer from Ursa Minor Games.

Dream Watcher
A 3D Metroidvania. The Great Library of Dreams is in BIG trouble. When a librarian in training attempts to make his job a little easier he unsuspectingly unleashes chaos from dastardly dreams and nefarious nightmares.

Heart Forth Alicia
Heart Forth, Alicia is a Metroidvania RPG about a young wizard pursued by a terror in the sky. This has been highly anticipated for a very long time by any Metroidvania fans who have watched its crowdfunding campaigns. It’s exciting to see that it finally has a Steam page. Like any of these steam pages that we post here, wishlist it today and you will get an email notification on its release.

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