Freeware game DreamWatcher released, new Steam pages for Alice Escaped!, Blu, Narita Boy, Rushaug, and Zapling Bygone

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New Releases

DreamWatcher – Windows PC (Steam)
“The Great Library of Dreams is in BIG trouble. When a librarian in training attempts to make his job a little easier he unsuspectingly unleashes chaos from dastardly dreams and nefarious nightmares.”
This game is absolutely free, so there’s nothing stopping you from being able to try it out today.

New Steam Pages

Alice Escaped!
Hammer wielding Usada and gun toting Kotora search through Wonderland to find their missing friend Alice. Rich combat with dual character action is the centerpiece of this cutesy and colorful Metroidvania.
(Direct Steam Link)

“The noble Guardians who upheld balance in Talpa, have all but fallen to corruption. The fate of the world now rests in the last of this dying order. Play as Blu, a young Guardian, in her quest to reclaim Talpa from the hands of the Corrupted.”
(Direct Steam Link)

Narita Boy
Flagship video game “Narita Boy” has become a tremendous hit. However, the digital realm has connected with reality, and the evil Him has returned and deleted the creator’s memories from the binary code. Now the digital kingdom needs a hero…
(Direct Steam Link)

Rushaug: Project Emerald
“Suspicious activity has been observed on the cold planet Snotikia. Why is the enemy conducting missile tests on a foreign planet? Rushaug is sent to investigate.” Tactical Stealth Action is a primary feature of this game.
(Direct Steam Link)

Zapling Bygone
“Zapling may be one of last of his kind, an alien asylum seeker fleeing from his home planet that has been ravaged by war. His task is to find a new home for his species to grow again, and perhaps thrive. Could this planet be the one?”
(Direct Steam Link)

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