A listing of what we plan on reviewing and streaming this upcoming month of December!

On the Friday immediately preceding the first Monday of each month when we would normally post our first review, we report on what we are doing to achieve our goal to review every Metroidvania game. This announcement includes our schedule of reviews and articles for the upcoming month, as well as any planned site adjustments or other important announcements.

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Monthly Game Spotlight: Chronicles of Teddy Harmony of Exidus/Finding Teddy 2

The monthly game spotlight for December is Chronicles of Teddy. I could describe this game as being similar to Zelda 2, but that may be do a disservice to people interested in checking out this game. It has a weighty combat system that takes some getting used to, but the main draw is its atmosphere. Between the music and the pleasant visuals, I can’t think of a better game to recommend cuddling up to this winter, just be aware it can get difficult at times. The Nintendo Switch Version has some balance tweaks not present in any other version, so if you have that platform I’d recommend checking it out there.

Check out our full review here!

Monthly Youtube Review: Phoenotopia Awakening

On Friday the 18th of December, we’ll be posting a video review for Phoenotopia Awakening. We have updated the site so that any pinned review that also has a Video Review will say as such on our front page, so you don’t have to miss when a new review comes out if you aren’t already subscribed to our YouTube Channel.

December Review and Article Schedule

The Review Schedule for 2020 has been updated for December’s final plan. You can easily access this schedule by visiting our Other Resources page form the side menu.

Disclaimer – While we work very hard to keep our schedule exactly as we’ve announced it, technical difficulties or surprise high priority review requests can require us to adjust the schedule accordingly. We will post an announcement any time this happens.

Below are the games we plan on looking at this month.

Caslevania The Lecarde Chronicles – December 7
We were originally going to jump to Castlevania The Lecarde Chronicles 2 since that one is an actual Metroidvania basically made with the blessing of both Konami and Koji Igarashi. People got confused that I would jump straight to the second game however, so we decided to go ahead and review the original to avoid further confusion. As it turns out even though Lecarde Chronicles 1 is a Classic-vania it actually has one or two Metroidvania elements.

Drilly WillisDecember 14
A loud and boisterous game both musically and graphically, Drilly Willis has you playing as a sentient drill musician, in a world where everyone is an inanimate object come to life. It’s a trippy adventure, and a fairly competent Metroidvania based on what we’ve played so far.

Owlboy – December 21
Our patreon pick for the month Owlboy, another highly requested game given its opportunity thanks to generous votes. I’ve noticed this game seems very special to a lot of people, so I look forward to finding out what brought them so much joy.

MindSeize – December 28
Since our original review back in April, a lot of important changes have been made to MindSeize, and we thought it was only fair to give the game another look to see whether we can bump the score up from good to great. Recently the game has been ported to the Nintendo Switch as well, and our April PC review is not necessarily a good reflection of the version available on that platform.

The Metroidvania Review Twitch Schedule

We are broadcasting on Twitch once a week for 60-90 minutes at 8:00 AM PST every Saturday, and every Wednesday at 6:00PM PST with r/metroidvania starring Cauldrath and Master. Tune in live if you want to ask us questions. You can also view the Archive from our Twitch page or our YouTube Let’s Play channel.

Every Wednesday we rotate who is in charge of playing the game and we come up with topics to discuss along the way. For Saturday we’re continuing on with Blasphemous, where we will be moving into the DLC content.

The Metroidvania Review on Twitch

The Metroidvania Review Let’s Play YouTube Channel

Below is our Stream schedule for December:
December 5, 12, 19, and 26 – Blasphemous Parts 9-12 – Blind DLC Content this month!

December 9 – r/metroidvania Podcast – Multiplayer Game

December 16 – r/metroidvania Podcast – Professor Q’s pick

December 23 – r/metroidvania Podcast – Cauldrath’s pick

December 30 – r/metroidvania Podcast – Master’s pick

The Year Is Ending

Next month our monthly update will be a bit longer, since we will be outlining some of our plans and goals for next year. You can look forward to seeing that full update on January 1st.