The Spirit of the Samurai Kickstarter is expiring. Elephantasy, Goldfish Brain, and Monster Sanctuary released. New Steam Pages for Astronite, Curse of the Sea Rats, Demons of Asteborg, Lamp Chronicle, and Pale Night

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Expiring Kickstarter Page

The Spirit of the Samurai – Expires December 16 11:23 PST
Play as a samurai, a cat, and a kodama in this AtariVCS developed 2D Metroidvania Platformer. Explore a dark, yet beautiful world set in medieval Japan and its ancient mythology where you will fight against mythological creatures, demons, undeads. So far it has only met about 1/6th of its goal, so definitely check this one out if it interests you.

New Releases

Elephantasy – Windows PC (Steam)
“Snorri, the resident Wizard of the miniature world, has told you of a mysterious Tower in the Sky above his shop. Perhaps if you can collect enough Gems, you can reach the Tower, and with any luck, get back home!” Elephantasy is primarily a Puzzle Platformer, but includes some Metroidvania-like exploration elements.

Goldfish Brain – Windows PC (Steam)
You are goldfish brain artificial human wearing a life support device trying to escape a hostile robot filled laboratory. The game looks as quirky as it its initial concept.

Monster Sanctuary – Windows PC (Steam), MacOS (Steam), Linux (Steam), Switch, PS4, Xbox One
Just released from early access yesterday, Monster Sanctuary is Pokemon meets 2D sidescroller Metroidvania. Enjoy turn-based combat and collecting monsters as you explore its world using the monster’s powers to overcome obstacles.

New Steam Pages

Enjoy an homage to oldschool games as you explore an uncharted planet to recover it from the strange creatures that have taken it over.
(Direct Steam Page Link)

Curse of the Sea Rats – Also coming to Switch, PS4, and Xbox One
You may remember this game from its Kickstarter earlier this year. Four sea rats embark on a quest to save the admiral’s son, capture the evil Pirate Flora Burn, and break a magic spell. Includes four playable characters and four player co-op.
(Direct Steam Page Link)

Demons of Asteborg – Also coming Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and Switch
Play as the knight Gareth as he sets out into demon infested lands to discover the secrets of an ancient war.
(Direct Steam Page Link)

Lamp Chronicle
“The evil energy of darkness spread around the world, resulting many lives in the kingdom losing their memories or being turned into monsters.”
(Direct Steam Page Link)

Pale Night
“Explore the world of Vector with Pal, the last of the Square People, on his quest to break the mysterious curse preventing him from staying under the light.”
(Direct Steam Link)

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