Ender Lilies gets an Early Access release date. New Steam pages for Summit and Dispersio 2.

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New Game Updates

Ender Lilies – Quietus of the Knights – Gets an Early Access Release Date – January 21st!
Ender Lilies Official Website
Ender Lilies recently announced their early access release date, with plans to release on the PS4, Switch, Xbox Series X, and PS5 in Q2 2020. The official news posting describes the game thusly:

Guide the priestess Lily through winding caverns, underwater landscapes, forests of glowing trees and other areas devastated by a rain turning people undead. Each biome is gorgeously illustrated in a distinctly Japanese dark fantasy style. Purify challenging and ghastly bosses to recruit them as equippable companions. Mix and match the souls of the fallen to create an ethereal bodyguard squad, with attacks ranging from powerful axe blows to ranged bow strikes.

Upon exorcising foes, Lily will experience visions revealing glimpses of the past. Piece together the whole truth and solve the mystery behind the unholy rain before facing a choice that will decide the fate of a kingdom.

As with every Steam game, you can wishlist today and receive a notification when it releases.

New Steam Pages

Dispersio 2
“A long time ago in a faraway land people were living in peace and harmony under the wisest of kings. It was the land full of magic and miracles. It was the land full of bravest knights. It was the land where evil came.”
(Direct Steam Link)

As one of the few survivors of a cataclysm, you climb toward the grand summit in search of ultimate truth.
(Direct Steam Link)

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