Hollow Knight: Silksong gets an exclusive update with Edge Magazine tomorrow, Simona's Requiem now has a steam page, Touhou Luna NIghts on Switch, and top 10 Metroidvania lists from The Best Indie games and Tensor Gaming

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Top 10 Metroidvania Videos

Content creators are now hard at work putting together their top 10 lists for 2020, with a few of them making some dedicated Metroidvania lists. These are a few that we came across over the past week:

New Ports

Touhou Luna Nights – Now on Nintendo Switch!
Nintendo eShop link
For those of you that prefer the Nintendo Switch, you’re in luck. There were several Metroidvania style games coming out in late 2018/early 2019 that experimented with the idea of Time Control mechanics, and Touhou Luna Nights comes out on top as one of the most interesting implementations of the idea. Time stop enemies to throw knives at them, slow down traps to sneak past them, or even walk on frozen water to progress through the game.

You can check out our full review here

New Game Updates

Edge Magazine releasing an exclusive Silksong Update
In case you haven’t heard the news, Edge Magazine’s issue #354 will have exclusive info about the upcoming sequel to Hollow Knight. This magazine releases tomorrow, and we highly recommend checking it out if you’ve been interested in Silksong Preview information.

New Steam Pages

Simona’s Requiem
As a servant of the purple cloak reapers, you are tasked with collecting the soul of the Fisher King, who has hidden behind the moon. Explore caves and manors to find clues on how to finish your quest.
(Direct Steam Link)

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