Ralf's Adventure and Subterene released, with steam pages for Binky's Trash Service, Deep Enigma, SJ-19 Learns to Love! and A World Abandoned

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New Releases

Ralf’s Adventure: Aztec MysteryWindows PC (Steam, Itch.io)
This game definitely falls more into the “Zelda-like” category, or more specifically “Star Tropics-like”. Although based on its current review it sounds like the game takes place in a large dungeon rather than having a separating over world. While minding your own business on your summer vacation, you become trapped in an ancient Aztec Temple for the God of the Dead! Solve ancient puzzles and find artifacts to escape.

Subterene – Windows PC (Steam, Itch.io)
Special thanks to Salmase for letting us know about this one over on our Discord. Salmase played the game a bit and let us know it likely falls more into the Zelda-like spectrum, but the game’s manual does say it is inspired by Metroid. It’s advertised as a short experience, with a price point to match.
“Bore deep below the earth’s surface in your all-terrain mining vehicle. Drill for ores, scan for artifacts, and explore an expansive subnautical cavern system.”

New Steam Pages

Binky’s Trash Service
“Binky’s Trash Service is a perilous, precision platformer where you operate a door-to-door garbage collection service for EVIL LAIRS! In each lair, you must empty all of the trash cans and make it back to the exit.” Note that the store page describes each lair as a “mini-Metroidvania”.
(Direct Steam Link)

Deep Enigma
Explore a surreal world in this non-linear Metroidvania.
A demo is available on itch.io
(Direct Steam Link)

SJ-19 Learns To Love!
“SJ-19 Learns to Love is a short metroidvania about a KILLER ROBOT who learns to love. Fight and explore a mysterious planet while gaining ~EMOTIONAL MATURITY~”
This game is made by the same developers as Spooky Ghosts Dot Com, which was a Mini-Metroidvania we thoroughly enjoyed.
(Direct Steam Link)

A World Abandoned
“Explore an abandoned planet that is torn in half. You play as a mysterious robot and try to uncover its past.”
A World Abandoned was featured in an itch.io Game Jam, and you can find the demo from that event here.
(Direct Steam Link)

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