Binky's Trash Service released. New updates for Axiom Verge, Bloodstained, and Touhou Luna Nights. Eight New Steam Pages!

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Video Review for January 22nd Has Been Delayed

Unfortunately due to illness, the editing process of our Video Review for Friday has been disrupted. Our target date is now Tuesday January 26th. We will keep you up to date on our Twitter if that changes again.

New Game Updates

Axiom Verge Randomizer Mode Open Beta
News Link
Randomizer modes are becoming more and more popular for Metroidvania games, and now Axiom Verge is giving us its own take on it. If you own the Steam or Epic Game Store version of the game, you can jump in right now by going into the Beta Menu on Steam or access it as a separate game in EGS. Check out the news link above for more info.

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Classic Mode and Kingdom Crossover Area
News Link
Classicvania is getting a lot of love lately from Bloodstained, from its two official Curse of the Moon spin-off titles, and now with its special Classic Mode for the main game. Challenge 5 levels wielding only a whip and a sword and face off with Gebel at the end as a stand-in for Dracula. In the main game, there’s also a new area based on the strategy game Kingdom: Two Crowns, which Miriam and friends appeared in previously.

Touhou Luna Nights Cirno Boss Update
News Link
Touhou Luna Nights expands its Touhou cast by adding Cirno as a boss. This is in addition to the new final area that was added last year.
We don’t normally report on every Early Access update in this news post, but as long as we’re here (and as long as Playism also included it in the Touhou update) – Team Ladybug’s latest game Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth has also received areas 3 and 4 as of today.

New Releases

Binky’s Trash ServiceWindows PC (Steam)
“Binky’s Trash Service is a perilous, precision platformer where you operate a door-to-door garbage collection service for EVIL LAIRS! In each lair, you must empty all of the trash cans and make it back to the exit.”
As mentioned on the store page each level will function as a “mini-metroidvania”, perhaps offering a more bite-sized experience similar to other mini-metroidvania compilations.

New Steam Pages

“A metroidvania style 2D adventure platformer with a hint of RPG elements. Speak to the locals, level up your power and seek to find the truth.”
(Direct Steam Link)

“Welcome to the open world, mini-metroidvania of your dreams. You wake in a circle of speaking stones, in a strange sunless land filled with ruins and monsters.”
(Direct Steam Link)

Fantasy Network – Also coming to Switch
“Fantasy Network is a metroidvania game with a social media twist – a socialvania! Explore the colorful world of Holua and chat to hand-drawn, larger-than-life characters to discover a story that runs deeper than it may seem.”
(Direct Steam Link)

Messiah End Refrain
JAPANESE ONLY. Play as a cute girl as you explore each level in this metroidvania – but not quite metroidvania – game.
(Direct Steam Link)

Hunt for treasure in a dangerous infested cavern while strategically fending off monsters with your limited energy.
(Direct Steam Link)

Poor Lucas and the Evil Duke
“Poor Lucas and the Evil Duke is a Metroidvania with action and RPG elements. Jump, slide, wall jump, swim, and battle your way through the Dukedom.”
(Direct Steam Link)

Wild West Crops
“Wild West Crops is a retro style mini metroidvania game which tells the story of “El Gatito”, a lovely little cat who starts to fight against mutant crops, after a mysterious meteor fell to the once peaceful Meowtown!”
(Direct Steam Link)

WOMG Version Kick-Start
“M.A.R.GOT., the artificial intelligence that controls all the super technological systems at the Crow Castle just got crazy! Join Mika Crow on a mission through the underground labs to find and reset M.A.R.GOT’s core systems before it is too late.”
(Direct Steam Link)

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