Steam Game Festival starts today! Journey to the Savage Planet now on Steam, Deep Enigma and Pathfinder 08 released, New Steam Pages for Fallen Tear and Frontier Hunter!

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Steam Game Festival Starts Today!

Starting at 10 AM PST today (February 3rd), hundreds of demos will be available on the Steam Store – with many being up only for a limited time. Definitely check their Metroidvania section to see if there’s anything you want to try! This Saturday we’ll be playing three of the Steam Festival demos on stream, so tune in at 8:00AM PST if you want to join.

New Ports

Journey to the Savage Planet – Now on Steam! (Also on Epic Store, PS4, Xbox One)
A 3D Metroidvania with a focus on humor. As the newest recruit of Kindred Aerospace, your job is to discover whether the planet ARY-26 is fit for human life.

New Releases

Deep Enigma – Windows PC (Steam)
Explore a surreal world in this non-linear Metroidvania.

Pathfinder 08 – Windows PC (Steam)
Hunt for treasure in a dangerous infested cavern while strategically fending off monsters with your limited energy.

New Steam Pages

Fallen Tear
“Embark on a journey with the mysterious youth “Hira” as he goes on a quest to unlock the secrets of a dangerous, fantasy world in order to save a loved one. Navigate treacherous terrain, fight powerful monsters, and grow with experience to prepare for the challenges that lay ahead.”
(Direct Steam Link)

Frontier Hunter: Erza’s Wheel of Fortune
The empire is expanding rapidly after the invention of the Airship, and it’s up to Erza brave the frontiers where even the Airships can’t reach. This is a sequel to Tower Hunter: Erza’s Trial, which was a Dead Cells style Roguevania game. This time around the developers promise “A more genuine Metroidvania game.”
(Direct Steam Link)

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