Six new releases, two new steam pages, and updates for Blasphemous and Vigil the Longest Night

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New Game Updates

Blasphemous: Strife and Ruin
News Link
Blasphemous is getting another free DLC update, this time adding a boss rush mode and an entire Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night crossover challenge room to enjoy.
Check out our full review of Blasphemous: The Stir of Dawn

Vigil the Longest Night – Bounty of the Night Update
News Link
Vigil the Longest Night has received an English Localization overhaul, new weapons and equipment, more weapon actions, and updates to many quests!
Check out our full review of the original release.

New Releases

Elly – Windows PC (Steam)
“A metroidvania style 2D adventure platformer with a hint of RPG elements. Speak to the locals, level up your power and seek to find the truth.”

Emberglass – Windows PC (Steam,
“Welcome to the open world, mini-metroidvania of your dreams. You wake in a circle of speaking stones, in a strange sunless land filled with ruins and monsters.”

Lost to Time – Windows PC (Steam,
“Lost to Time is a time-control focused 2D action platforming metroidvania game, with a carefully crafted world to explore in an non-traditional fantasy RPG fashion. In order to overcome insurmountable odds, the hero, Chrona, must manipulate the flow of time in order to gain advantages over opponents.”

Memories of Fireflies – Windows PC (Steam)
Play as a boomerang wielding warrior in this Jungle Adventure

Tartapolis – Windows PC (Steam)
“Tartapolis is an open world RPG, a metroidvania with guns. Explore the dark streets of the city where two realities intertwine.”

Wild West Crops – Windows PC (Steam,
“Wild West Crops is a retro style mini metroidvania game which tells the story of “El Gatito”, a lovely little cat who starts to fight against mutant crops, after a mysterious meteor fell to the once peaceful Meowtown!”

New Steam Pages

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9 Years of Shadows – (Also coming to Nintendo Switch)
“An emotionally-driven metroidvania enhanced by healing music that tells the story of Europa, a young woman of noble birth tasked with ending the curse that plagues her people and restoring color to all lands.”
(Direct Steam Link)

“You take on the role of a self-aware forum account in the world’s largest social media platform in this Metroidvania platformer.”
(Direct Steam Link)

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