Little Nemo Kickstarter, Partless Ron and Thrilling Triple Threat released, and new steam pages for Dewdrop Dynasty, Frauki's Adventure, Hippoxxxus, and Imp of the Sun

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Due to technical issues, this Mondays Review will be Hero Core instead of the originally planned Lost to Time. We’re sorry for anyone who was looking forward to the originally planned review.

New Kickstarter Pages

Little Nemo and the Nightmare Fiends – Expires April 1st
Excellent news for the fans of the Little Nemo franchise. A new Little Nemo game is in the works, and it sounds like it will be a Metroidvania in the vein of some popular titles according to the description:

“The game plays like Shantae or Demon’s Crest with a splash of Little Samson. From Nemo’s bedroom, players enter the dream world;  forests, palaces, the night sky, ice caves, and a twisted funhouse  await. Using  character’s unique powers, players uncover each dream’s secrets to grow in power and defeat the Nightmare Fiends once and for all.”

New Releases

Partless Ron – Windows PC (Steam)
“Ron cannot walk or jump, but all his desires to walk, jump and travel were so strong that one day he woke up in an incredible world where everything is possible and even a little more. Go on adventures with Ron and find new opportunities that he dreamed of, kill monsters, improve your body and have fun!”

Thrilling Triple Threat – Windows and Linux PC (Steam)
“What do you get if you mix a platformer with a metroidvania and something in between but then [separate] that mix into three games that are then collected into a single game? Nonsense.”

New Steam Pages

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Dewdrop Dynasty
“Join along in this miniature Metroidvania adventure as Poe struggles to make it back to his Hive. The road ahead lies with danger, mystery, and in some parts humor. Will Poe find his way? What sort of strange adventures will he find along the way? It’s up to you to find out…”
(Direct Steam Link)

Frauki’s Adventure!
“Frauki’s Adventure is a melee combat platformer where you fight your way deep into a strange and mysterious world. Challenging sword-fights and a sprawling, bizarre world await!”
(Direct Steam Link)

Hippoxxus – Demo available on
“Hippoxxus is a Sci-Fi Metroidvania about a teenage boy who wakes up in an alien spaceship with no past memories. Explore this massive spaceship while uncovering mysteries in this atmospheric world.”
(Direct Steam Link)

Imp of the Sun
“Imp of the Sun is 2D platformer game that combines fast paced action and a unique Peruvian influenced art style and soundtrack. You play as the Imp, a creature made by the sun’s last spark with the mission to restore its power… before it’s too late.”
(Direct Steam Link)

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