A listing of what we plan on reviewing and streaming this upcoming month of May!

Update: Unfortunately due to illness, tomorrow’s stream had to be canceled. We plan on otherwise continuing the schedule as normal.

On the Friday immediately preceding the first Monday of each month when we would normally post our first review, we report on what we are doing to achieve our goal to review every Metroidvania game. This announcement includes our schedule of reviews and articles for the upcoming month, as well as any planned site adjustments or other important announcements.

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May Review and Article Schedule

Below are the games we plan on looking at this month.

Disclaimer – While we work very hard to keep our schedule exactly as we’ve announced it, technical difficulties or surprise high priority review requests can require us to adjust the schedule accordingly. We will post an announcement any time this happens.

SJ-19 Learns to Love – May 3
From the creators of Spooky Ghosts Dot Com comes another very cute Mini Metroidvania with a slightly stronger emphasis on the story. As a mini you can expect just a little more than an hour of gameplay to 100% it, but the lack of a huge time commitment is exactly what you seek these games out for.

Sal’s Sublime Sundae – May 3
Another Mini Metroidvania, with this one being available for free as a browser game or download from itch.io. Playing the game will probably be faster than reading our review, but we review it so you might have a chance of learning about it.

Mysastere -Ruins of Deazniff- May 10
Another story of a young woman searching ruins to find answers, this time with an emphasis on a specific spring wire tool. We’ve heard that this game doesn’t start out very good, but does it get better as you progress?

Paradox Vector – May 17
A retro first person Metroidvania with inspirations like Metroid Prime. The trippy graphics and strange portal interactions shown in the trailer promise at the very least a unique atmosphere over anything else available.

Simona’s Requiem – May 24
A mix of classicvania with light Metroidvania elements according to the developer. As a grim reaper you pick up a scythe and fight your way to the fisher king who has hidden himself behind the moon.

Lost to Time – May 31
As promised last month we’re going to finally finish up Lost to Time and give our thoughts on it. Lost to Time is one of the more unique titles available on Steam so if you’re looking for something very different, it accomplishes that at the very least.

The Metroidvania Review Twitch Schedule

We are broadcasting on Twitch once a week for 60-90 minutes at 9:00 AM PST every Saturday, and every Wednesday at 7:00PM PST with r/metroidvania starring Cauldrath and Master. Tune in live if you want to ask us questions. You can also view the Archive from our Twitch page or our YouTube Let’s Play channel.

Every Wednesday we switch back and forth between “For Fun” weeks and “Serious Discussion” (also for fun) weeks. For Saturday we’re continuing our blind playthrough of the demo for Kingdom of Light, a game in development by Flying Fire, the same people behind Destroy Space Aliens.

The Metroidvania Review on Twitch

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Below is our Stream schedule for May:
May 1 – (Canceled due to Illness)

May 8 – Kingdom of Light Part 2

May 15 – Kingdom of Light Part 3

May 22 – Kingdom of Light Part 4

May 29 – Kingdom of Light Part 5/Demo Showcase

May 5 – r/metroidvania Podcast

May 12 – Let’s Play Stream

May 19 – r/metroidvania Podcast

May 26 – r/metroidvania Multiplayer Game Night