Seven new releases and Six new Steam Pages this week!

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If you hear any interesting Metroidvania news – New Games, Major Updates to Existing Games, interviews with Metroidvania developers, or anything else of merit – share it with us and we will share it here on this weekly post with credit given to the finder (Please provide a link to your social media so we can send them back your way.) Even if you find something we already knew about, we’ll still give you credit.

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Special thanks again to DiscordBot for making sure we don’t miss any new Steam pages, and also to cjmcw on our Discord for letting us know Crowsworn had its steam page up.

New Game Updates

Supraland now has a Map!
News Link
The latest update to Supraland adds a map feature for those who had trouble with getting lost. There have also been a lot of little updates such as a framerate improvement for many systems.
Supraland is available on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and Gamepass, and Windows and Linux PC and it was one of our favorite 2019 games that we played.

New Releases

Carebotz – Windows PC (Steam)
What happens when you cross Metroidvania with Classic Asteroids? Play as a maintenance bot in a factory full of secrets. Eradicate hostiles at the command of the main computer and save the factory from destruction!

Patch Quest – Windows PC (Steam Early Access)
“Patch Quest is the only Roguelike-Metroidvania fusion where you can mount and ride EVERY monster in the game! Get ready to Leap, Glide, Tunnel, Bite, Slither, Websling and Explode your way through a shuffling patchwork maze. Survival depends on bending the forces of nature to your own ends! (Supports 2P Local co-op)”
Some of Patch Quest’s developer logs were shared over on our discord a few months ago, and we have to say it looks very interesting. Obviously not your traditional Metroidvania platformer.

Reknum Cheri Dreamland – Windows PC (Steam), Switch
“Explore the thematic levels, unlock new weapons and upgrade your skills, fight fearsome bosses inspired by classic gameplay, decipher the poetic words of the ancestors when you travel through the dreamworld and reach the real final outcome.”
This is part of a larger series with Reknum Fantasy of Dreams recently being kickstarted last year.

Returnal – PS5
“After crash-landing on this shape-shifting world, Selene must search through the barren landscape of an ancient civilization for her escape.”
We don’t know how much of a “Metroidvania” this is, but popular game media sites have been describing it as one. That’s enough to get us interested. If you’ve played it and have any thoughts definitely comment on this article or let us know on our Discord.

Under The Ghost Mountain – 鬼山之下 – Windows PC (Steam Early Access)
A Metroidvania game where you can one-shot skeletons and get treasure boxes for gold! Explore the hellscape under Ghost Mountain in this story about growing up.

New Releases This Week

All of these games are coming out in the next couple of days, but it’s soon enough that we wanted to make sure they didn’t get missed for their launch.

Lost RuinsMay 7th on Windows PC (Steam)
“A young girl wakes up in a dimly lit dungeon without any of her memories. Surrounded by horrible, bloodthirsty monsters, she is rescued by a mysterious magician, Beatrice. With Beatrice’s help, the girl goes on a perilous journey to find answers and unlock the secrets of the Lost Ruins.”

Insect Adventure – Out May 17th on Windows PC (Steam)
“Experience an action packed adventure as Bugsy, a cockroach with a hammer who loves exploring. A lizardman kidnaps Bugsy’s friend Mayo while mumbling about needing a new sacrifice, and an earthquake triggers, causing Bugsy to tumble into an further into uncharted depths.”
A demo is available over on

New Steam Pages

Black Somnia
“Discover mysteries of the steampunk world, explore maze-like Svaltar island and fight your way in search of a cure for the Black Somnia in a stylised, first-person, horror, action-adventure.”
One of the bullet points on the store page describes Black Somnia’s world as a “Sprawling 3D Metroidvania.”

Blast Brigade
“The evil genius Dr. Cread plans to conquer the world with his robot army, and the team of hot-headed superspies is the only thing that can stop him.”

“A dark curse has befallen the land of Fearanndal, a once vibrant kingdom. All but the last remnants of humanity have seemingly vanished, as the world is overrun by sightless creatures of nightmare.”
In case you missed all the drama and wonderful reveals regarding this game, it’s made by the same creator as Unworthy – a game we thoroughly loved – and they’ve been picked up by the same PR Team that is working with Hollow Knight Silksong. Definitely a game to keep an eye on.

Knitted and Inflatable
“As a young grand-daughter of a skilled defender of the Knitted City you are about to embark on adventure! The World Of Inflated invaded The Knitted World and they are seeking to conquer it, and only you can save the day!”
Knitted and Inflatable’s world will include ability gating. The example given by the developer is the ability to create Trampolines to reach the tops of buildings, but there will be other gadgets as well.

Nyaruru Fishy Fight
“When magic curse suddenly occurred in a small town and all the residents grew cat ears, the real cat girl Nyaruru [sets out] to uncover the truth”

Rift Drifter
“Explore a lost and abandoned temple and find what secrets lie within.”

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