A listing of what we plan on reviewing and streaming this upcoming month of August!

On the Friday immediately preceding the first Monday of each month when we would normally post our first review, we report on what we are doing to achieve our goal to review every Metroidvania game. This announcement includes our schedule of reviews and articles for the upcoming month, as well as any planned site adjustments or other important announcements.

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August Review and Article Schedule

Below are the games we plan on looking at this month.

Disclaimer – While we work very hard to keep our schedule exactly as we’ve announced it, technical difficulties or surprise high priority review requests can require us to adjust the schedule accordingly. We will post an announcement any time this happens.

Frauki’s Adventure – August 2
A playful story about murdering intruders where you play as the servant of a great fairy who doesn’t appreciate the presence of alien robots on her lawn. While there is some exploration to help you power up, the emphasis on getting good at combat rather than building your character with movement upgrades makes it more similar to a boss rush – but it’s a fun one nevertheless.

Indivisible – August 9 or August 23
There is clearly so much heart that went into Indivisible that the obvious tears of a troubled development make this game a bit of a tragedy to behold. Nevertheless the passion that went into it may still be inspiring to some.

Elliot Quest August 16
Elliot Quest is the infamous Zelda 2-like from when the indie market wasn’t quite as saturated as it is now. The music and graphics exude its lower production values, especially compared to even indie games released today, but its intriguing story presentation and its slower, more methodical dungeon exploration definitely has its niche – and I’m very much part of that niche.

Grime – August 23 or August 9
The Souls-like Metroidvania where you mold living weapons into new forms. There’s an emphasis on parrying, and of course heavily telegraphed bosses and attacks to take advantage of that core mechanic. I’m going to try to review this one as quickly after release as possible, but I also want to give it plenty of time.

Eternal Return – August 30
It’s finally happening. The game that I couldn’t see the end of back when I started it in January will finally be completed several months later. I previously dropped it due to control failure issues and the inability to predict whether it could even be completed by the review deadline. For some that might say enough on whether you should try this game, but definitely check out the review, because I still think Eternal Return is worth looking at.

The Metroidvania Review Twitch Schedule

We are broadcasting on Twitch once a week for 60-90 minutes at 9:00 AM PST every Saturday, and every Wednesday at 7:00PM PST with r/metroidvania starring Cauldrath and Master. Tune in live if you want to ask us questions. You can also view the Archive from our Twitch page or our YouTube Let’s Play channel.

Every Wednesday we switch back and forth between “For Fun” weeks and “Serious Discussion” (also for fun) weeks. For Saturday we’re continuing our playthrough of Hollow Knight, although next week we have a special stream where Nick will be playing for a change.

The Metroidvania Review on Twitch

The Metroidvania Review Let’s Play YouTube Channel

Below is our Stream schedule for August:
July 31 – Hollow Knight Part 7

August 7 – Noita with Nick

August 14 – Hollow Knight Part 8

August 21 – No Stream

August 28 – Hollow Knight Part 9

August 4 – r/metroidvania Podcast

August 11 – Let’s Play Stream

August 18 – No Stream

August 25 – r/metroidvania Multiplayer Game Night