Ranged Combat


4 out of 5. Its combat is just good enough to be of passing interest to Souls-like fans, but where Biomass really shines is how it presents its mysteries, and how much it leaves open to interpretation.

Metroid Fusion

4 out of 5. A must play for fans of the Metroid series as it progresses the story in ingenious ways. It also takes the foreboding atmosphere that Metroid has been so good at to the next level.


Fight fire with fire – or science with science – in this highly customizable action platformer. Experiment with 100 mods that slot into six different weapon types.

Johann Weiss

A Satanic Cult has kidnapped your sister, and you must save her before she’s sacrificed to summon Hell on Earth. A mix between Metroidvania and Oldschool Duke Nukem platforming games.