Lost to Time

In order to overcome insurmountable odds, Chrona must manipulate the flow of time in order to gain advantages over opponents.


M.A.R.GOT., the artificial intelligence that controls all the super technological systems at the Crow Castle just got crazy! Join Mika Crow on a mission through the underground labs to find and reset M.A.R.GOT’s core systems before it is too late.

Fantasy Network

Fantasy Network is a metroidvania game with a social media twist – a socialvania! Explore the colorful world of Holua and chat to hand-drawn, larger-than-life characters to discover a story that runs deeper than it may seem.


Enjoy an homage to oldschool games as you explore an uncharted planet to recover it from the strange creatures that have taken it over.


In Micetopia you play as a brave mouse who must fight, jump, and explore its way through a world of mystery. Overcome enemies, gain new powers and rescue your compatriots from the clutches of their captors.