Traditional Chinese

GoldFish Brain

You are goldfish brain artificial human wearing a life support device trying to escape a hostile robot filled laboratory.

The Doomed Knight

You are the Doomed Knight. Torn between madness and sanity. You walked the realm of death for thousands of years forget your own past and identity. But something is wrong in the realm of death. And you are out to discover what it is!

ANNO: Mutationem

You’re a highly trained lone wolf on a mission in a cyberpunk Metropolis. Take on sinister mega corporations and mysterious fringe groups while exploring diverse locations. Has a unique 2D/3D hybrid style.


Take down the mysterious organization entrenched in a post-apocalyptic world. Uncover the secrets of the world through exploration and finding lore.


Become the monster in this reverse horror game. Grow, evolve, and consume the humans that tried to contain you.


A young hunter’s home is invaded by trolls and orcs, and he barely escapes with his life. Play as this hunter as you explore and discover a greater threat that looms over the land.