4 out of 5. Its combat is just good enough to be of passing interest to Souls-like fans, but where Biomass really shines is how it presents its mysteries, and how much it leaves open to interpretation.

The Last Faith

In a world drowned by superstition, face off with horrific beasts and explore a Gothic city in order to subvert an ancient prophesy. Uses a reaction-based combat system with numerous weapons and other options to customize your style.

Dark Light

Face off against invisible foes in this a cyberpunk world, where only your Dark Light can illuminate them. Souls-like inspired.

Dark Sales

Cruel Supervisors oppress the office world of Nardrol, and you as the chosen salesman must bring an end to the cycle of pain in this Dark Souls parody.

The Cork

A plague has hit your home town, causing your kinsfolk to lose their minds. Discover the plague’s origins through exploration and facing your foes with deliberate Souls-like Style combat.


An open exploration of the world of Ükeron, focused on rewarding combat and RPG-style customization.