1.5 out of 5. An amusing attempt at "So bad it's good" camp that falls flat when it tries to also be a game. While intentionally bad is still bad, some might enjoy the humor anyway.

How Metroidvania is it? High Fit. While the controls and mechanics are pretty wonky, it technically fits the Metroidvania mold very well.
Primary Challenge: Melee Combat
Time to beat: ~2 hours
Review Info: The Steam review code for Porradaria 2: Pagode of the Night was provided by the developer. Since this review the developer has removed this game from Steam, however it is still available from itch.io.

More Info

Developer: CleanWaterSoft
Publisher: CleanWaterSoft
Sub-genre: Misc Metroidvania
Features: Map System, 2D Platformer, Melee Combat, Sequence Breaking, Character/Class Options, Sexual Content/Suggestive Themes
Difficulty: Low
Linearity/Openness: Open Low Gating - No Handholding
Platforms: Windows, Steam
Release Date: 2015/03/12
Available Languages: English, Portuguese

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Buy Porradaria 2: Pagode of the Night if you like…

  • Parody games
  • Glitches that are ''intentional''
  • Potty Humor
  • Exploiting basic AI
  • Potato Chips

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How do you rate a game that’s supposed to be bad?

I am actually a fan of the “so bad it’s good” phenomena, and in my opinion campiness can elevate some games from mediocrity. The issue with intentionally making a game with the goal of being “so bad it’s good” is that you still have to play the thing. Porradaria 2 is obviously a parody of Castlevania Symphony of the Night from the outset, but in place of tight controls and genre defining expansiveness, you have (literal) potty humor and a glitchfest that takes less than an hour to complete. Unlike some of my other lower rated games I never hit a point of total boredom with Porradaria 2 within the short length of its offering. However, I can’t objectively overlook its host of shortcomings and recommend it over other titles, even at its “Mini-Metroidvania” price point.

I can’t really say much about Porradaria 2’s story that isn’t already conveyed in the trailer without simply spouting off everything that happens; the game is just that short. Needless to say, what you see is what you get with Porradaria 2. I’m not going to say there are no surprises – on the contrary it had me chuckling at the sheer absurdity from start to finish. It’s not smart humor by any means, but it’s funny in the same way a young kid is funny when he spouts of some random thing at an inappropriate time. I think that there is an audience that will appreciate this aspect of the game and if you’re willing to look past some pretty amateur game design I’m sure this will be worth your $2-$5.

Campiness is something that is easy to achieve with the story or narrative of a game, but in order for it to really be a hit, the gameplay has to match up to it in some way. Porradaria 2 is no I Wanna Be the Guy or Goat Simulator by any means. The former mixes clutch skill-based gameplay (albeit very memorization based) with its antics, and the latter makes the mechanics part of the joke. Porradaria 2 is a Metroidvania Action Platformer at heart, and it simply doesn’t use those mechanics well as a parody or even as a decent example of the genre.

Bosses move erratically around the screen when they’re not simply standing there and taking what you dish out, forcing you to exploit powers that grant invincibility and simply waiting out their irritatingly high HP pools. Platforming is rarely more than basic, and the occasional engine glitch that locks up your controls will make you appreciate that fact. The standard enemies should be skipped as soon as you have the powers to do so – it’s neither fun nor necessary to deal with them.

What Porradaria 2 does do decently is that there is some interesting variety in the level layout, even if the individual rooms aren’t anything spectacular. On my first playthrough with the swordsman, I actually didn’t figure out that the red doors were opened by a button because with the graphics my brain didn’t click that the trigger wasn’t just an empty pedestal. So I had to race through the freezer area spamming the cure spell to obtain the required progression items as a sequence break. This provided some explorative amusement to me and I can give some credit to the design.

If you want a remix of the mansion, you also have the option of buying the Vladmirson DLC. The DLC serves as a (unnecessary) prequel to the story, changes up the sequence of required items, and provides a special final boss to face. Unfortunately that special DLC fight is probably the worst encounter in the game, highlighting everything that Porradaria 2 does wrong.

I don’t mean to be harsh, but I do have to be honest. Mulling over what to say about Porradaria 2 had me using words like “It’s not THAT bad” or “It’s relatively functional”, and sadly as I sat down and really analyzed everything, I can’t honestly say that there is a lot of value here. It’d be something amusing to look at as a friend’s high school or college game project, but as a commercial product it just has way too much competition. If the game looks like it appeals to you, and you don’t care about whether or not it’s good, then buy it and enjoy its camp. Everyone else should probably check the rest of the “Mini Metroidvania” list on the Curator page – or literally anywhere else on that site.

Final Score


Scoring system overview

Metroidvania Breakdown

– 1

While it has decent potential, enemies have way too many HP and too radical patterns, so it's better to skip when you can

– 1.5

There are one or two areas that would technically take some skill to pass through, but like the combat it's easily circumvented through exploiting the physics/options

– 2

The mansion actually has a pretty decent layout which could have worked well if the mechanics were more polished

– 1

No ''puzzles'' to speak of other than slightly telegraphed ''illusionary'' walls

– 3

Entertaining, if you enjoy the dumb humor that it employs

– 2

Animations jerk around quite a bit

– 2

Basic repetitive music that works, but can get grating

– 2

Several time-based achievements and 2 characters to play with (or 3 with the DLC)

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